Subtle Sounds - End of Year Round-Up

The new year is nearly upon us and the time for reflection is nigh; our journey throughout 2017 has been one of progress, expansion and hard-graft, with a dedicated family of talented creatives growing along the way - here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to:
Building on a small smattering of local events in the Birmingham/West Midlands area Subtle
Sounds now has over 15 shows running up and down the UK; the DnB and Bass Collective brands have seen phenomenal success building on an emergent underground scene of bassline and dub selections; our first UK tour with fire-spitting veteran K Dot too went off without a hitch; and taking the brand to the White Isle for an Ibiza Rocks takeover signalled the beginning of our ongoing presence in wider Europe.

In terms of artist management the change has been astounding with our most impressive roster to date (and still increasing!), expanding from 4 acts into just under 20 exciting and exceptional new talents from across the genre spectrum. While all of our artists have impressed both us and our followers some nods to the diversity on offer must be had; DnB wizard Hayden Perry has seen critical success under his new Canista guise in recent months playing for a number of established brands across Birmingham and the rest of the country; Palize taking his bassline jams to new heights with a well of new releases and collaborations with don lyricists like Gino and K Dot; techno and house whisperer HANNS also joined the team with sultry tech bangers like ‘Kickdrum’ [signed to Toolroom] receiving airplay on Pete Tong’s legendary Radio 1 slot and a run of equally serious releases set to drop in the coming month.

None of this would have been possible however without our dedicated team working hard behind the scenes. Starting as 2 or 3 man band Subtle Sounds now has 10 permanent staff members constantly pushing the brand to new heights, each with their own invaluable skill sets, knowledge and above all, drive. But now, as the brand continues to grow into 2018 and beyond, so must our team…

With greater success comes greater work but also the spark to try something new with a well of exciting projects in the works; our first Subtle record label will see some of its first releases; Subtle Speaks, a new editorial and journalism venture is also set for an early release; further work and partnerships with local universities to inspire further careers in the music industry, and of course the continued growth of our existing artist agency and events organisation alongside our (currently) hush-hush international ventures.

Of course our most resounding thanks go out to our fans, supporters, promoters and venue staff, all of whom have equally made this incredible journey so far, possible. A happy New Year to all and we simply cannot wait to show you what 2018 has in store!

For those interested in joining our team in 2018, please send an email to and we’ll be in touch.