Renowned event creator, versatile producer, and technically gifted DJ. Canista is just one of many successful projects born from the mind of one Hayden Perry, made known from highly animated sets and place at the helm of the Collective brand (DnB/Bass Collective).

Combining echoes of jungle, breaks, and dub with a barrage of evil drum and bass, Canista’s creations are characterised by high octane bass distortions, complex (yet memorable) build lines, and an ability to have devastating impact on any dancefloor.

At the computer, his expert grasp on the art of production has seen him craft banger after banger with a penchant for remixing well-know tunes into savage new renditions. At the booth, with up to 4 decks at his disposal, displays of technical wizardry become an audio (and visual) showcase on their own. In this case, mixing is an art.

His reputation as a virtuosic performer has since earned him radio play on 1xtra and Kiss FM, with a selection of original tunes featured on BBC Introducing. The Canista buzz is beginning to spread - blink and you’ll miss the leap to the top.


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